Garden Consulting

Garden Consulting and Project Planning


We can help you achieve your vision. We love to consult on gardens of all types and in all stages. A consultation is your opportuntity to see your garden through a fresh set of eyes. Whether you are brand new to gardening and have no idea where to start or you’re more experienced and need to bounce some ideas off of someone, we can help.

We will walk through your landscape, discuss how you are planning to use it, look at what already exists, how that can be incorporated into your long-term design, and talk over what your next steps will be. Consultations can be a one time event or ongoing as assistance is needed.

The Process

This collaborative process starts with a walk through of your garen space. Some projects are smaller and involve a specific trouble spot or area you want to improve, while other projects are more elaborate. We want you to share your thoughts and ideas for your space, and we’ll help you understand what you have to work with and what’s possible.

During our meeting we will:

  • Review the site
  • Establish priorities and goals
  • Establish budgets
  • Discuss project timeline – phased or all at once
  • Talk about next steps

Preparing for the Meeting

Complete our Client Questionnaire. Think about the mood of your garden. Describe it. Gather ideas or pictures that reflect your vision for your garden. Write down your favorite or least favorite plants. Decide your must have list. Think realistically about how much time you’ll have to devote to your garden. Do you want a low maintenance garden or are you willing to put in more time? Finally, we’ll help you consider what your budget is and how discuss how quickly you want your project installed.  Do you want a phased approach or do you want to get it done immediately?  We’ll help you achieve your goals.

After Our Meeting

I will deliver a working plan to complete your project and refer you to contractors who can help you implement it. For edible garden projects I can also deliver a complete planting plan including planting dates, harvest dates and additional information to keep your edible garden growing all season.

Give Dawn a call at 203-415-7015 to find out more about our garden consulting services.

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