Gardens for Children and Schools

Children love gardens. There’s no doubt about it. They love the plants, the bugs, the fun and oh, the great tasting food.  To a child the garden is a place to explore, a place to hide, a place to let their imagination run wild.

As parents we know there are other benefits to having our children LOVE to garden. That moment they learn what food really tastes like is pure magic. They will also learn a lot of really cool life lessons about science, match, life, observation, patience, self-sufficiency, diet, respect for life and even the occasional bout of gardener’s disappointment when it all goes downhill.

School Gardens

School Garden for Children
We can help you design a backyard children’s garden or school garden that will become a learning experience while also being FUN.Our goal with any children’s garden or school garden is to make learning and experiencing plants fun and interactive for the kids (and you, too!).We’ll work with you to design a garden that activates a child’s mind and innate curiosity, engages their senses and allows them to have fun while learning about plants and the soil.

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Home Gardens

Children's Gardens
We can tailor any of our Gardens or Garden Care Plans to be age-appropriate for your child.You may also be looking for a “true” children’s garden. This is a garden with oversized and amazing plants geared towards capturing the wonder of a child.From arbors and tunnles built out of  plants to amazing sunflower “houses”, we can help you build a dream garden for any child.


Birthday Parties

Children's Birthday Garden Party
We can work with you to create garden themed birthday party. Our birthday parties are either focused around making a garden of one kind or another  or having fun in the garden.Many of our birthday parties focus on a outside activies including treasure hunts, garden tea parties, planting gardens and more. You provide the location and the food, we provide the costumes and fun.   Treat yourself and the kids!


Fairy Gardens

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Fairy gardens are not just for children anymore. These enchanting, whimsical gardens can help bring out child in each of us and help us connect with the nature spirits all around.Fairy gardens are miniature landscapes that use tiny plants and accessories to create a magical place where fairies frolic.We can work with you to create the ultimate fairy garden in your favorite vintage container or a larger garden in the ground. From the simple to the elaborate, we can accessorize with tiny furniture, fountains, bird houses and more.


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